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I'm Banke...

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I know how to unlock clarity in the simplest ways and how to turn you from 'stuck in a rut' to 'living my best life!'

I actually know exactly where you are right now in your life and it's a struggle to focus and accomplish your goals.  It feels like a scratched CD stuck on a replay loop and that sucks, because all you feel is unfulfilled, unhappy and STUCK.

How do I know?...

Because that was me too.  But now I am living my best life with PURPOSE and you should be too.  It's what you deserve.

I went from a teenage mother, to an overworked and depressed lawyer, a heartbroken widow, to a thriving purpose filled coach helping women re-discover themselves and their essence, so that they can find the courage and clarity to live the life that excites them with no apologies.

I have impacted 3000 women with my message, conducted over 200 hours of 1:1 coaching sessions and directly helped 500 women from around the world make life changing transformations through my coaching.

I was created for SUCH A TIME AS THIS! To help people come out of the shadows of their lives and live FULLY in and on purpose as beacons of light to the world.



To Inspire, Empower and Motivate YOU into becoming the very best version of yourself through the power of self-discovery.

Now, let's get personal...

The Life Behind The Life Coach

My Story

Before dedicating myself to helping people get unstuck in life and business, and to start living purposeful, rewarding and prosperous lives, I was an overworked stressed out lawyer with two young boys that I was raising single handedly.

It took a diagnosis in depression, a prescription for anti-depressants and a devastating experience of widowhood to finally wake up to the call that there is too much to life to be miserable, overworked and BROKE!

I got the memo–  I was alive, with so much for me to still do in my life and in the world.  So, I got clear on my purpose and made a commitment to myself (and children) to show up everyday fully prepared to be my best version of myself so that I could give my very best to the world and to the clients I serve.

And that’s how through my own journey I moved on to become a coach helping others to live satisfying lives and run businesses with purpose and passion too.

When I started seeing that specific steps I constantly took to change my life and business were actually working, I knew I was onto the path of really living my dreams and it was a success path I knew I just couldn’t keep all to myself.

One day I decided... "THIS IS IT!!"

‘I’m going to live my life on purpose and help others do the same too’.

And well, here I am and here you are too!

The essence of my work

is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life, so that you can overcome them with confidence.


I specialize in creating personalized plans and providing tools to guide you forward and achieve your desired goals.

As a certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioural Practitioner and NeuroLinguistic Programming Practitioner, I use a combination of powerful mind-set transformation work and specific goal setting strategies that enable my clients create achievable action plans towards their goals.


The Purpose In The Pain

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