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Welcome to my business coaching program

Let me guess…

You have a deep desire to turn your amazing idea into a profitable business that also makes impact and transforms the world in your own unique way?

Well, you have definitely come to the right place.

My 6 weeks 1:1 business coaching program covers 6 clear and specific steps that will take you from the inception of your business idea to a profitable launch of your first signature offer, and leave you with a system that you can rinse and repeat over and over again.


No gimmicks. No hard to follow instructions. No struggling to get specific help. No groups to fight through to be seen and heard. No pre-recorded classes that leave you more confused and STUCK. 


I am 100% focused and dedicated to holding your hand along each step, dealing with you and your business needs SPECIFICALLY.

Here’s what I cover in my coaching in brief summary:


1-Business idea clarity and strategy 


2- Ideal client and target strategy


3- Offering creation


4- Content creation 


5- Marketing strategy 


6- Launch campaign 

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Most of my clients who take this coaching program usually make their investment back once they implement the launch strategy that I guide them through.

I basically teach you how to do what I do.

I have a system I have used to sell out my products, courses, programs and workshops which is the model that I will coach you on.


I created this business program about 3 years ago after I realised just how much knowledge, tools and resources I have gained from being an entrepreneur myself and running my own business.

Everything in my business is 100% by me. 


I don’t have a team- I do my own graphics, websites, content creation, social media, branding, promotions, programs, courses and workshop etc. 




I have saved $0000s by creating a system that didn’t involve gimmicks, unhelpful biz masterclasses and workshops.



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None of what I do in my business feels like a chore nor does it leave me feeling burn out.  I operate every aspect of business from a place of ease and grace while still working hard and delivering results.


To me, this is what being a purpose and passion driven entrepreneur is all about.

How does that sound to you?


I took my time and made all the mistakes I needed to make and wasted all the money I needed to waste, to finally come up with a system that has enabled me to first and foremost be HAPPY in my business, stay focused on my business objectives, avoid confusion, overwhelm and burnout while producing the EXACT business results I desire.

People are always surprised by the fact that I run my entire business alone.


If you are a soul-heart centred businesswoman or an aspiring one, and you want to be able to see your business dreams come to life without going to all the different EXPENSIVE and CONFUSING business “gurus, then this is definitely an intricate and specific experience you need working with me on your business.

I only open up 4 slots twice a year because of how detailed and bespoke my coaching with you is.

I now have 2 options available:

6 weekly 90 minutes sessions or 3 weekend sessions of 3hrs each.

What you will get from my business coaching program is a clear 6 step strategy that I walk you through and implement with you personally and specific to your needs, to help you from business inception stage to business profit stage.


Think of it as me being your business partner literally holding your hand to create a business of your dreams.

Here are the benefits you will get from my business coaching and how your business will be transformed as a result:

Fired up & Focused slides-2.png

1. You will Switch To a Money-Making Mindset.


You will identify what your default 'programming' around making money is and why that plays a major role in making the kind of profits you desire.   Once you uncover this, you will finally free yourself from those limiting beliefs and start a profit building momentum in your business. 

Fired up & Focused slides-4.png

2. You will Create a Clear path of Purpose to Profit.


You will identify clearly what you are actually a best fit for in business so that you can show up in your best light to make an impact in your own unique way. You will learn how you can combine your MULTIPLE-PASSIONS and create a clear personal brand message that is authentic to you so that it resonates with what you are here on this earth to do and help the people you are called to, while creating financial freedom for you and your family.  


3. You will KNOW who Your Ideal Audience is.


You will learn and use a process that will help you to identify who your ideal audience is and know what exactly it is that attracts them and what you need to do to be attractive to them. You will master how to build your business so that you stand out from the crowd and speak in a way that your ideal audience will easily resonate with what you are offering them and say ‘yes’ to buying from you. 


You will get a complete analysis of your ideal client with crystal clarity on: what they want, what frustrates them and how to satisfy their needs giving them EXACTLY what they want from you.


4. You will become Your Content Creation Machine


You will be guided step by step on how to create Compelling and authentic creative content that will be the magnetic to pull your ideal audience in. You will learn the best shortcuts and tools to make your social media and marketing strategy seamless and effective- this includes websites, landing pages, email marketing and graphics designs and much more.


You will be able to brand yourself without hiring ANY (expensive) brand consultants or graphic designers to create awesome eye-catching content that sets you firmly apart from anyone else in your space.


5. You will develop a system that gets you sales.

You will learn how to set the right income in order to plan your business growth sustainably using a special formula to help you calculate your unique income goal, so that you never have to undercharge your worth or bargin your prices.


You will learn a ‘sell-out’ launch strategy that will have you making profits even before you launch your first offering. This is a system that you will master and become confident to repeat over and over again.  We run this system in your business together in real time, so that at no point are you left alone to figure things out.

6. You will build a real, authentic, engaged and thriving community.


You will learn strategies to help you build genuine relationships with your audience creating real conversations with people, to help you connect with them, and keep them wanting to come back to you again and again, without having to be glued to your phone or laptop all day.


This is a high level 1:1 business coaching program. Please note that it is not a course. It is actual coaching with applicants that I specifically select.

If this sounds like it's for you, please apply below.

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