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Ready for The Party?...

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An 8-weeks transformative journey designed to empower you, with practical tools to discover true purpose and heal from emotional and energetic blocks.


is waiting!! 

You are invited to enter into a full self-discovery journey that will put you on a clear path of being in your soul's purpose and mission.

This is for the woman ready to transform into a thriving lifestyle with more income, love, travel, FREEDOM, PURPOSE, and HAPPINESS.



  • Uncover and connect with your authentic self, so you can begin doing the things that truly light you up with clarity and without fear.


  • Re-write your story and create the change you desire, so you can enjoy greater satisfaction and joy in your life.


  • Say an orgasmic YES! To you, so you can truly live with the freedom and excitement that you get to create in your life. 


  • Show ALL the way up for you and your greatness, so you can live a purpose driven life and fulfil your God given destiny.


  • Restore your SOVEREIGNTY as the PHENOMENAL Queen that you are!



The course starts on 22nd September 2020. 

The Alchemy of Self-Discovery

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Online Course

The Alchemy of Self-Discovery is an 8-week program curated exclusively by Banke Sotomi, The Unstuck Mentor, who is an international self-discovery Life and Executive coach that helps women all over the world get UNSTUCK and transform their lives.

The program entails 8 weeks of self-transformation coaching with the intention of helping you quantum-leap into your highest self, discovering your passions and purpose and transcending emotional, psychological, and spiritual blocks that have so far hindered your growth. 

The Alchemy of Self-Discovery course is designed to put you onto YOUR journey of discovering, uncovering and releasing THE PHENOMENAL YOU that is inside.

What To Expect

This program will help you:


Reveal unconscious patterns that are keeping you emotionally and energetically stuck right now in your life. 

Uncover and work through childhood wounds to release pain from the past (some of which you had no idea you were holding onto). 


Re-set your mind and thinking for greater success and progress in your life with the advanced tools for conscious growth and evolution that is taught in this course.


Whether you need help with figuring out your purpose and what your next steps should be, or you’re moving through a difficult transition in your life such as a loss, career change, divorce/relationship end or a major shift or crisis right now in your life, The Alchemy of Self-Discovery will provide you with the support, insight and coaching you need to untangle your current life experience, and will add more richness and authenticity to your life.


The learning method is a 3-step approach:


Audio masterclasses to help you re-invent yourself and step fully into your purpose.


Video tutorials to teach you the principles of self-discovery and doing the inner work.


Live coaching sessions to coach you specifically on areas taught throughout the course.


The Inner Work.

Intensive and Curated Coaching

The Alchemy of Self-Discovery has 8 modules specifically created for you to radically transform the way you show up in your daily life. It includes a collection of tools that you will work with, from mindset development, to mind-body awareness, inner child work, purpose work and energy work. The tools are drawn on practices in Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Nero-Linguistic Programming and Somatic Psychology for a holistic integration of the body-mind-heart-soul.

In this course program your personal evolution is the focus, and through my live weekly coaching sessions combined with the course materials in the program, you will transform yourself from the inside out and gain a deeper, richer relationship with yourself and others, so you can make better and more empowered decisions in your life, as well as start living the life that truly lights your soul up.


This course requires an open heart and mind and a commitment to doing the work.

Support and Guidance


The Tools and Techniques to Empower You

I created The Alchemy of Self-Discovery with the intention to guide, mentor, encourage, inspire, motivate, support, and challenge you, so that you can connect to your intuitive wisdom and become your own teacher, healer, and coach. You will gain intimate insights and understandings about yourself that will stay with you long after the program. You will have the tools you’ve learned for life.

Some of the techniques you’ll use in this course to discover yourself and rewire your blueprint are:

  • Emotional Freedom

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Embodiment Practice

  • Passion and Purpose Discovery

  • Self-love and acceptance

  • Mindset Development

  • Clarity Path-Finding

I’ll also be available to support you through an exclusive WhatsApp group for real time day to day coaching and a private Instagram page as our coaching hub for live Q&As and interactions throughout the program.

Program overview

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Once enrolled in the program, you will receive an introductory class with a brief outline of the work in the program, what to expect, and the suggestions to follow to make the most out of our time together over the 8 weeks. Throughout the program there will be journal prompts for you to answer in order to get really clear about your intentions and energetic investment during the next 8 weeks, that will provide you with self-clarity, direction and purpose. 

There are 4 phases to this course: The Dive, The Breaking, The Emergence and The Meeting.

The Foundation

(WEEK 1)

You will take inventory of where you are on your journey, where you’re struggling, and what’s keeping you feeling stuck. You will be introduced to the steps that will help you to begin creating a compelling and clear road map for your growth. 


Here you will start with your DREAMS & BELIEFS. Learn how to navigate your phenomenal journey and uncover what your heart desires most, the importance of creating your own definition of success and writing it out.  You will be guided on how to create your own phenomenal manifesto which will guide you throughout our eight-week journey together and beyond.

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Learn Self-Inquiry.

Your self-discovery tutorials will introduce you to the various rudiments of self-inquiry and pertinent questions that you will answer to give you the starting point of how to engage with your intuitive self, for guidance and clarity.

At the end of the modules you will gain confidence and clarity on what you can do starting TODAY to be more present, more grounded, less conflicted, and more understanding towards your current circumstances. 

The Dive

(WEEK 2)

You will be guided and supported to start digging into the experience of your subconscious mind and uncover how and why it currently operates in the way it does.  


You will uncover and explore what has been deeply programmed into your unconscious, and how these conditioned patterns show up in your adult life as struggles you’ve not known how to overcome so far. This is the Inner Child and Shadow work.


The modules here will help you learn how to turn your personal struggles into your greatest assets, teach you how to understand the direction your life and experiences are taking you to, and how to see your struggles as your strengths and gifts designed to help you gain more clarity around your life and vision.

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Understanding Your Emotions.

Your Self-discovery tutorials will also teach you how your emotional state impacts your day to day life and what the major reason for feeling stuck in your life is, and what simple things you can do to foster a better relationship with your emotions, so you can navigate through any challenging circumstance with greater understanding and ease in your life.

This program will support you in creating intentions and capacity to take better charge of your life and embody inner peace, joy, and freedom so you can freely navigate and operate on leveraging your strengths and gifts for the success you desire. 

The Breaking

(WEEKS 3&4) 

You will enter into greater self-awareness of the unconscious patterns and conditionings that are keeping you stuck and start breaking free. 


Get ready to reinvent yourself!


This is where you will start to re-identify with the essence of who you truly are and why you are here in the world.  You will “unlearn” the versions of you that have been stuck in limiting beliefs, self-doubt and confusion.


With the gentle guidance throughout this course and your committed participation in each module, you will be able to dissolve your fears and doubts and strengthen your connection with love, truth, and creativity to step into the things that you are passionate about and uncover your truest purpose.

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The Emergence

(WEEKS 5&6)

You will be ready to explore deeper layers of your being through advanced techniques for emotional release, childhood de-conditioning, and shadow work. 


You will shine light on the areas of your subconscious mind impacting your self-confidence, self-worth and relationship with money.


You will learn how to build confidence in yourself, decisions and dreams and open up a greater playfulness and joy in your daily life. I teach you how to uncover your charm and magnetism to get a ‘yes’ from the world. 

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The Meeting

(WEEKS 7&8) 

With THE ALCHEMY OF SELF-DISCOVERY be prepared to experience new levels of freedom and meet with Your Authentic Self. As you peel back layers of your inner being over these 8 weeks you will create an entirely new blueprint for you to experience the richness and depth of your individuality, purpose and fulfilment.


You will access the intuitive parts of you that will have you Fully Integrated and Authentically Aligned.  You will be empowered to nourish and nurture all that which you have learned in this program with the final module providing you with some practical tips and suggestions for how to continue embodying and expressing the uniqueness of who you are while still navigating your reality in various areas of your life such as your relationships, career, etc.

Time to transform

This coaching program is packed with so much transformative power.  Clients on this program have reported increase in confidence, better paying jobs, healthy happy relationships, stronger sense of purpose, clarity and direction, inner peace and joy, and so much more!



  • (8) Weekly Purpose-Discovery audio masterclasses.

  • (8) Weekly Self-Discovery Video Tutorials.


  • (8) Weekly lesson plans and Self Evolution Workbooks specifically designed to quantum-leap your personal growth and conscious evolution during the program.


  • Materials, guided-meditations, journal prompts and resources that will support your practice.


  • Lifetime access to whatever tools, techniques, materials and practices you receive during the program


  • Daily support through our private WhatsApp group and Instagram page throughout the program.




  • The woman who is sincerely interested in evolving into the greatest version of herself and are ready to let go of old habits, paradigms, and conditionings.


  • The woman who is passionate about inner work, self-discovery, personal growth and is excited to dive deeper into the process.


  • The woman who is ready to take charge of her life and embody true freedom, purpose and happiness.

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Say YES to YOU. Show up for YOU. Commit to YOU. 









  • The woman who thinks she already know everything


  • The woman who is not ready to take 100% accountability for her life


  • The woman who is looking for a “quick fix” or “mind hack”


  • The woman who does not welcome being challenged, questioned or stretched out of her comfort zone.

If you are ready for the release of THE PHENOMENAL YOU in you….

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Let me guess, if you have reached this point, there are some questions running through your mind about this course and whether it's right for you.

So, to help you make the empowered decision you need to make about this course. I have prepared some answers to some questions you may be asking just click the button below for the FAQs. 


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Who Am I?

(And why should you trust me?)

Just in case this is the first time that you are coming across me, please let me introduce myself really briefly.

My name is Banke Sotomi.  I am a certified Life & Executive Coach and I help women who feel stuck in their lives, find the clarity they need to move on, and I help them set clear step by step goals with an action plan to enable them to live life with greater happiness and fulfilment.


My personal story is that I have been through a lot of in life, like most women have.  I have battled with depression, single parenthood, financial ruin, grief and widowhood.  It has taken years of doing the inner self-healing work and personal growth to get me to where I am today- A happy, purpose-driven fulfilled woman.



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I knew that I wanted to move on with my life and start living in a more fulfilling and joyous way, and that’s when I went real deep and heavy to making some serious changes and shifts. I went on a full self-discovery and self-growth journey that has now led me on to the clear path of my calling and purpose. A healing heart after grief, a thriving business, more income, travel and just more FREEDOM and HAPPINESS in general.


I learnt so much in that process.


I basically found myself again after loosing everything I had in a well of disappointment and pain.

Since finding myself, I have been evolving into a better version of myself.


It is this journey that inspired me to create my latest online group coaching program for women who are also making the transition of moving on from failed relationships, heartbreaks, disappointments, financial struggles and lack of clarity to FINDING THEIR TRUE ESSENCE AGAIN.


The Alchemy of Self-Discovery.


One thing I realised during my own journey was how lost, invested and embedded I was in other people and things. I no longer had my sense of clear identity until I started uncovering myself, dealing with deep unhealed parts of me and tapping into my gifts and strengths.


This coaching program will do that for you and much more.

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