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Let's Get Intentional Friend!

Want to live a happier life?
Then stop worrying about “the rest of your life” and start living “this moment, right now”!

You know what is possible for you don't you?


You truly believe that there is better out there in the world waiting for you to step into and you have been doing the work in your mind to think better and do better to reach those wild dreams and desires that beat passionately in your heart haven't you?




There's something missing right?...  


Something that is holding your dreams just slightly out of reach and you need that push and that support to get you closer to grabbing your success with both hands.


That's why I have created a 5-part masterclass virtual experience to help you do exactly that! Create more joy in every area of your life.

You will discover how to make the most of what you’ve got, right now, in this very moment so you can step outside of those limitations and fully EMBRACE and EMBODY that future you, right now!




5 classes of Life Coaching with easy but POWERFUL take away steps to help you change your life with deliberate action.


You will leave with an entire new tool kit that will enable you to quickly and easily start living your intentional life. You will learn how to:

- Upgrade, ELEVATE and re-design your life using the 3-step Lifestyle Design Framework

- Reconstruct your habits so you can show up daily with more consistency and purpose - helping you stay on top of everything in your life.

- Use the ‘Elegant Time Management’ technique to stay focused, productive and motivated to complete your task.

- Leverage ‘Graceful Emotional Intelligence’ to gain mastery of your emotions and  create your own personal fuel that will help you to pull through difficult times.


And much, much more!

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This workshop is a LIFE CHANGING experience available for you, ONLY if you are ready to exchange the feelings of frustration, overwhelm, boredom, stagnation and lack of inspiration in your life right now for a life that is flourishing, THRIVING, rewarding and EXCITING instead.


If that sounds like you, then...

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Step Into a Whole New YOU

I want to invite you to a special and unique experience to become much more INTENTIONAL in your life than you are right now.

I too know what it feels like to:


  • Be mentally, EMOTIONALLY and physically drained everyday trying to just make it through life.

  • Feel like life's circumstances has stolen your joy and happiness.

  • Be STUCK in life no matter how hard you seem to try.

  • Hate the way you look and feel whenever you take a glimpse in the mirror.

  • CRAVE for a better life of luxury, abundance and wealth.

  • Yearn for adventure, excitement and INSPIRATION in your day to day life.

  • DESPERATELY desire to move out of the ordinary and INTO THE EXTRAORDINARY.



I also KNOW HOW to change all those experiences and I have created a life that I LOVE more than ever before because, I have learnt THE ART OF INTENTIONAL LIVING which is what I will be teaching you over these 5 classes.

It all boils down to one CRUCIAL understanding about your life: 



I will show you 5 critical steps that will help you live life INTENTIONALLY so that your life will QUICKLY and RADICALLY take a different outlook from how it does today.

You will:

  • Earn more money than you are right now whether through your business or career.

  • Get into the best shape of your life and stay that way.

  • Elevate your energy and become vibrant and full of life with a GLOW.

  • Become magnetic, attractive and alluring instead of going unnoticed and unwanted.

  • Attract better quality people and relationships into your life instead of toxic draining ones.

These have been my experiences AND my clients experiences in practising The Art of Intentional Living.

DAY ONE-8.png

Class One

Lifestyle Design- Mindset, Style and Surroundings

In this class you will learn how your view of yourself is impacting and shaping your experience.  

You will be guided to upgrade, ELEVATE and design your life by focusing on 3 aspects of your life- the way you think (Mindset), the way you show up (STYLE) and the way you live (SURROUNDINGS).


This is a practical class that will give you tools, suggestions and steps to take to help you think, look and feel better about your life.  


The outcome of this class is to show you how to be INTENTIONAL in your daily life and take back your power and control in your life.  


You will have access to a simple yet powerfully TRANSFORMATIVE morning routine that will set you up for a productive, happy and rewarding day.

Class Two

Chic Habit Creation

If you’re tired of living a stagnant, bored, overwhelmed, and uninspired life, then in this class you will learn how create new and SUSTAINABLE habits that will support you in staying consistent and motivated with your goals and help you coach yourself through challenging times and emotional lows.  


You will also learn a system that will help you to practice showing up in your daily life with INTENTION and purpose.  

You will create new thinking habits that align with the future you and will use the DREAM CAPSULE 30-Day planner to help you set a powerfully TRANSFORMATIVE 30- day GOAL to take the right steps to stick with your new found habits.

What you will learn in this class is a Rinse and Repeat system that will allow you to establish a new lifestyle and help you accomplish your goals.


Class Three

Elegant Time Management

You already know that a dream without a plan is merely a wish, yet so many times you have started out on a goal or desire and gotten overwhelmed, confused, burnout and EXHAUSTED trying to accomplish it.

In this class you will learn how to become a woman who shows up for her schedule and does what she says she will do.

You will learn a PRACTICAL time management strategy that helps you to stay focused, productive and motivated to complete your task.

This is an elegant time management system, which means that you will learn how to create a schedule that allows you to balance self-care with other priorities.  You will learn a simple brain trick that will always make you feel like taking action and kiss PROCRASTINATION goodbye for good.

By the end of this class you will be confident to take on any task whether it is work, business or personal related and feel in much better control of your time.

Class Four

Graceful Emotional Intelligence

In this class you will learn how to be the editor of your emotions and how to use them to better support you in living an intentional life.


You will learn how to create your own personal fuel that will help you to pull through difficult times, be inspired to keep creating the life of your dreams and give you the drive and momentum to not stop until you have reached your goals.

You will learn that your emotional life is actually what is creating your outcomes and you will learn how to have a better handle on them so that you create outcomes you desire and not despise.

At the end of this class you will learn the 3 things that make your dreams come true, how to embody the RIGHT feelings to align with your future self and an emotional management tool that works to help you overcome difficult emotions.


Class Five

Activating Your Future Self

The woman of your dreams (YOU) is alive and active in you and in this class you are going to learn how to call her forth and begin embodying her in your NOW.

You are going to learn one CRUCIAL truth about yourself that WILL immediately change everything you ever thought about yourself and use that knowledge to super-charge the new version of you.

You will be guided through a practical exercise that will enable you to activate your future self and begin cultivating the mindset to fully embody her.

You will learn why your future self has the key you have been looking for and you will be guided through a powerful visualisation exercise to embed the desires and dreams you have into your current reality.

By the end of this class you will have become a NEW you.

Watch Sarah's experience of the workshop


The Art of Intentional Living Workshop right now is

ONLY $47

 Instead of $197 full price.

(Payment can be made in Naira if you are in Nigeria using paystack.)



I started talking to Banke at a time when I was on the cusp of a life-changing decision. Whilst deep down I was clear what I wanted, I had a lot of negative emotions surrounding how I wanted to live my life. Banke had lots of advice and help in helping me articulate my why, practical suggestions for letting go and taking reins with my decisions and starting to create a transformation within me as I lay the foundations for what I want to be and how I want to live my life.


With Banke, immediately you’re relaxed with her style, but, for me a hugely important one, you get real outcomes that you can implement in your day-to-day life. It’s not just talking through issues, but ideas and routines to put in place that help. The coaching experience with Banke made me feel a lot more positive about the future, and I found the support, during the time of quite dramatic changes in my life, invaluable.


The best thing that happened to me was enrolling in your UNSTUCK session in January 2021.


It has made my life fascinating to me.


Thank you so much. you mean a lot to me.


How does all that sound?

Pretty AMAZING right?

Imagine a life that you get to wake up to EVERYDAY and truly fall in love with, because it is EVERYTHING you want and more?  This workshop is the gateway to make that a reality.

But wait...

There is more that's included in this workshop...

Your Bonus Gifts

When you sign up for the workshop, you will get:

A gorgeous workbook with all the class activities, exercises, journal prompts and class notes INCLUDING all the class slides for you to keep for future and ongoing references.


Extra Bonuses


THE 30-DAY DREAM CAPSULE is part of the upcoming 2nd edition of the best-selling Modern Woman Planner and you will be the first to sample the contents of this planner in this workshop.  The 30 Day Dream Capsule will help you accomplish one of your greatest dreams in just 30 days, with a PROVEN goal setting and planning system.  You will learn the principles of why this strategy works in the workshop and have the opportunity to prove it to yourself by using the planner.  This planner is yours to use over and over again to repeat SUCCESS in your life with INTENTION.

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Exclusive coaching by me in my private coaching lounge to support you and keep you accountable to the 30-day goal you will set for yourself during the workshop.  You will have exclusive access to me for specific needs, questions, coaching and support.


There will be activities and motivations to ensure you remain focused and at the end of your 30 day goal you will have phenomenal results.  


The Art of Intentional Living Workshop right now is

ONLY $47

 Instead of $197 full price.

(Payment can be made in Naira if you are in Nigeria using paystack.)


This is going to be the most powerful and the most fun workshop you will ever attend for a fraction of its value.

You are going to leave with a game plan, a detailed strategy and intentional action steps to manifest your dream life.

Your "Intentional Action Steps" will be simple, clear and easy to follow and will leave no question in your mind as to what you need to do to get where you want to go.


They will also keep you on track and focused when obstacles arise.

There is no question about this... your time is NOW!

There IS NO QUESTION about this!... your time is RIGHT NOW!


Personal note from me...


I can honestly remember the days in my life where I felt like I couldn't go on.  I remember days in tears wondering why nothing I tried seemed to make my life any better.  I was tired of struggling. Tired of trying to fix myself and so tired of all of life's disappointments (and I have had my few good shares of those!).  


But the truth is, it was only when I was REALLY ready to make the investment in myself that life started to change for me.  Investment in my thought life, investment in my self-confidence and self-value, investment in my time to grow, heal and let go.  But it was my investment in accepting that I could not do this alone and I needed the help of others- professionals who could help me figure out why life seemed such a mess for me, but more importantly show me the way to get out of that mess.

I put my all into learning, gleaning, practising, applying, implementing and yes even failing to finally get to a place in my life where I am truly HAPPY. I am on purpose in my life. Everything I do is with intention. I wake up glad to be alive and truly thankful to God that I get to help others feel this same way too. Life isn't perfect for me, but to have a sense of inner peace and happiness is so priceless and worth the imperfections of life.

I want to help you.  You've come this far and I simply extend a hand of encouragement to say, 'come on' let's do this! 


It will be worth it.


And more than anything else YOU DESERVE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS.

I hope to see you at The Art of Intentional Living Workshop!




I was coming off the back of a 'love/romance' situation which had ended differently than I would have wanted.


My reflections about the experience impacted me quite negatively and threatened to become a huge emotional and psychological stumbling block.


I randomly came across Banke Sotomi at the tail end of a program on radio where she was a guest and reached out to her on Instagram to find out if she could offer coaching help.


Although she was scheduled to commence a women only class at the time, I was impressed by her offering to create a parallel group session for me(n) and I signed up immediately.  


I was even more impressed as the coaching sessions commenced and she provided in depth instructions and learning/reflection materials on schedule every single day.


Her approach of encouraging the building of inner capacity to reason through issues and see the solutions within and by myself was a pleasant surprise.  In doing so I was able to identify related trends and habits from experiences in other life areas, and apply the tools and learning she provided to develop approaches which could be applied sustainably and on a more universal scale.


I was also impressed by her non-overt but nonetheless potent acknowledgment and application of faith as it gave me comfort that her coaching was not just 'kumbayah' and 'happy camper' rhetoric.

I would definitely recommend Banke to anyone who seeks practical and sustainable learning outcomes from life coaching sessions.

Course Participant



Find out more about Banke Sotomi...

_W7_6844 4.jpg

The UNSTUCK Mentor

Banke is gifted with the unique ability to help you get UNSTUCK in your life.

She is a transformational Life & Executive coach, with extensive experience in helping women breakthrough limiting beliefs and super-charge their most PHENOMENAL SELVES!

A certified Life Coach, a Neuro Linguistic Programming
practitioner and a certified Behavioural Change Expert.

A Visionary 


Banke has made significant waves in the Personal Development industry in Africa as the founder and convenor of the fast growing personal development workshop series called SOULCIALIZE, which are practical workshops focused on providing tools and strategies to empower African women.

She is also the founder and CEO of Africa's first self-growth subscription box service called THE GLOWGETTER BOX which provides curated life coaching and transformative resources in an easily accessible and affordable way for the modern African woman on her journey of self-discovery.

The GlowGetter Box has received unprecedented attention in 7 African countries with a steady increase in subscribers.

She is also the creator of the best-selling planner THE MODERN WOMAN PLANNER which helps women set and plan goals for success, she has sold over 650 copies worldwide.

IMG_7913 3.jpg

Her mission is to INSPIRE, EMPOWER and MOTIVATE.


The Art of Intentional Living Workshop right now is

ONLY $47

 Instead of $197 full price.

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