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Writing To Excel

A Self-Discovery Experience with Banke Sotomi

Led by Embodied Feminine Leadership Coach and author, Banke Sotomi, the WRITING TO EXCEL Workshops provide a safe space to tap into the inner emotional landscape to release the self-doubt and anxiety that may be getting in the way of your personal growth, creative expression, or leadership & visibility.


Together every month on Zoom we will use specific writing prompts that will guide you to return to the present moment and create a path forward with open-heartedness.


Come prepared with something to write on (paper or a journal) and pens and colouring pens/crayons or pencils (if possible) .


A time to declutter the mind, take time for some self-care, to breathe and release stress:.


My mission is to inspire you to focus on your transformation and self discovery by implementing a journaling practice  (stream of consciousness writing) and internal monologue that will support you in creating the life that you desire to live. 

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