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This course will show you how to successfully navigate through a time of feeling lost and stuck in your life. You'll be expertly guided through a process of self-realisation and enlightenment so that, you can confidently start to live life on your terms, and emerge with strength and purpose. 

What is included in this course:

  • Expert tools and proven self-care techniques and practices to help you improve your emotional health, confidence, and focus.

  • Guidance on how to identify, acknowledge, process, and honour your life change.

  • Guidance on how to use to strengthen your present-moment awareness of goals and intentions.

  • Insights and instructions for how to effectively use your feelings and intuition throughout the process of moving on.

  • A simple action plan to help you take positive steps towards healing every day.

  • Step-by-step directions for building a new life framework for your future.

  • Gentle teachings on creating a daily intention practice to generate constant forward movement in your life.

  • Actionable tips for creating new life opportunities with intention and focus.

  • Powerful meditations and devotionals to enable wholeness and reintegration, which will help you make lasting life changes.

Who should take this course:
  • If you are experiencing a loss or life change such as a breakup, the ending of a friendship, death of a loved one, career change, job loss, or moving to a new location.

  • If you want to learn compassionate and simple self-care practices that will help you get through difficult or challenging times.

  • You want to transform difficulties into opportunities for personal growth and development.

  • You are looking for guidance through a loss with expert tools and information to help you recover and rebuild your life.

  • You want to create new movement in areas that have stagnated or stalled in your life.

You Can Find Strength and Move On

With this enlightening program, you'll be led through the process of understanding and honouring change. You will receive lessons infused with empowering wisdom and tools that will support you throughout this journey. Healing devotionals, inspiring meditations, and soothing self-care practices will help you reflect, process, and adjust to life during and after this time of change.


By the end of this journey, you will have created new pathways that will keep you looking forward to a positive and healthful future, while also being healed and at peace with your past. You can transform this time of stress and uncertainty into something that fortifies and invigorates you. 

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