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Coaching that is intuitive and 'Outside The Box'.

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Transform with
Banke Sotomi

Your Source for Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

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Working with Banke

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More from my clients...


I learnt the importance of reframing - the way we approach each event in our lives determines the way we experience life. Having a positive and optimistic outlook is really key. I also learnt the importance of asking why - digging deeper into the subconscious mind. That is where most of the answers are to a lot of the things we experience. Finally, our world and the happenings around us reflect what is going on inside.  


My Coaching experience with Banke was transformative because it forced me to challenge deep seated fears; having a healthy relationship with fear so that it is not crippling but merely serves as feedback. 


If you are thinking of getting coaching, I want you to know that it is a process - but it you have to be ready for the work


I am grateful for the learnings.

-Aibee Abidoye, EVP Chocolate City Music

The Butterfly Transformation Coaching Program

Working with Banke was the missing piece to the puzzle I so desperately needed to take my business to the next level - specifically monetizing, launching a profitable product ecosystem and being unafraid to charge my worth.


Before working with Banke I was really frustrated with my business because I felt like I had all the goods, I'd put in the work but it wasn't yielding the results I desired... I'd invested a lot into my business and I had so many assets already in place, yet it wasn't translating into sales. 


Within 4 weeks of working with Banke, I launched my very 1st paid online workshop which had over 30 sign ups!


Today I have a thriving Premium Membership Community with over 40 paid members, which I only had the courage to launch after working with Coach B.

Banke didn't hold back! She coached from the heart and gave me everything I needed and then some! 

She went above and beyond business coaching and supported me with my personal and spiritual development - helping me to tap into my feminine energy and start taking steps to operate from a place of flow and not fizz.


If you are really serious about scaling your business and you are ready to take action and do the work, then Banke is an amazing Coach to support you through the process.


Zahra Zakariya Abdulkareem,  Business Strategist & Community Leader

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The very first session we had, I realised that there were blockers in my life that I had never even considered being hinderances at all. ⠀

I was able to recognise potential and immediately made 3 sales within that first week with minimal effort. ⠀

For the second week, I have been able to engage more people than I was initially able to engage and they gave their full attention for the duration I required it. ⠀

So far I have been able to unlock fears I did not even know I had. I am looking forward to the future. ⠀

Brenda Nakato ⠀



"How much can you really get out of a one-time coaching session?⠀

More than you could ever imagine! ⠀

When I made the appointment with Banke, I was in a murky place, my life was filled with unachieved goals, I was frustrated , felt stuck and generally unhappy with my progress in life.⠀

After the session,I felt like something shifted inside me literally, Banke helped me trace the root cause of some of the challenges I was facing amongst other things. ⠀
It's been months and I've learnt to use some of the techniques Banke taught me to shift my energy levels when I need to, now I set goals and achieve them...but most importantly Banke helped me realise the courage within me.⠀

My session with Banke was relaxing, extremely informative, and very productive!"⠀

Adedayo  Ayokunnu
​​​​​​​One to One Coaching Session


”I first met Banke in 2016 at one of her coaching session for ladies in December. ⠀

The exercise at the program shaped my thought process and helped me to be an intentional positive thinker. 
At that point in my life I just left my not so satisfying job and I was in between jobs.⠀

In January I got a better job and better pay but still wasn't the 'it' job.⠀

I didn't loose contact with her, she always replied my mails as I confided in her about my struggles and fears. She sent encouraging words and resource materials to help me get the better me into existence.⠀

The milestone of getting a job at a multinational came in recently and I got scared of facing the panel at the interview.

I sent my worries to Banke and as always she encouraged me with practical steps on how to come out on top, killing my fears, shaping my thoughts and being aware of my environment. ⠀

Thank God I got the job .⠀

Thank you Banke for being part of my life success journey. God bless you.⠀

Ifemide Adekanbi. ⠀
Virtual Coaching session

Are you ready?


Do you feel like every part of your life is falling apart? Poor relationships, Low self-esteem, Financial woes, Lack of passion and personal power?


Then my transformative and bespoke coaching program is what you need.  A three month 1:1 coaching experience with me that will help guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals.


This is a 360 degree coaching experience that covers the 12 most important areas of life, based of the Life Wheel Assessment and takes a thorough dive into each of the areas to assess the imbalance, obscure issues and the right remedies to get your life moving in the seamless direction of thriving and rewards.


It includes 2 weekly 90mins accountability coaching calls and is the most intensive and deep working program.


Start taking control of your life with the coaching tools and techniques in this program.

Real Coaching

Real Results

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