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Show Up As Your Future Self

Did you know that there are 3 things that you can instantly work on that will give you an almost immediate shift in whatever current reality you are facing?

Here's a strategy that works whenever you may feel unmotivated or reluctant to do what you know you need to get done. (AKA procrastination! lol).

I used it this morning because I was definitely procrastinating!


These are:


If you are able to make a deliberate step in any of these areas, you will learn the real key to getting UNSTUCK in your life no matter what, and you will be able to get yourself back on track with great ease and speed.

I will use what happened to me this morning to explain how these 3 strategies work when applied.

So what happened to me this morning?…

Well, I went out for drinks last night, got back home super late and woke up feeling really sluggish this morning and not wanting to be bothered today to do anything, even though I was all showered and dressed to start my day and had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish today. STYLE:

I started out this morning wearing a green dress (which I didn't really feel like wearing but chose it anyway) and not wearing any make up and not doing anything to my hair. I didn't look a hot mess, but I knew I was not in best form either.

Each time I passed my bedroom mirror I actually didn’t like how I looked and it didn’t feel like my future self, who would be motivated and focused to get her work done.

As the morning progressed, I didn’t feel settled or grounded enough to get focused on some important work, and I knew part of it was because I was not looking and feeling motivated.

So, I decided to apply the concept of Enclothed Cognition (check out my coaching video on this concept here) and I went back to my closet to be more intentional about what I wanted to wear.

I changed into something I felt good in, which helped in my overcoming some MAJOR resistance I had to doing a particular task, which was to prepare for a presentation.


All week I had put off my presentation, because there was a deep down thought in me that I didn’t know what to do and how to approach the topic assigned to me, and overwhelm was getting the best of me.

But during my journaling practice this morning, I decided to take more control of my mind and get my thoughts aligned with being motivated. One of the thoughts that I chose to think about concerning my presentation was:


Another one was:


This approach is part of what is called the THE THOUGHT LADDER APPROACH which I taught in a recent coaching class here, and it helped me to think in a more positive light about what I wanted to achieve today. SURROUNDINGS

As I made this new commitment to my mind; thinking more intentional thoughts, changing my outfit and deciding to be committed to how my future self would show up and handle this situation, I decided to not work from my bedroom and go down to my office to get my work done instead.

I played nice Jazz music in the background to create the ambience of inspiration and I got to work, without anymore resistance or distractions.

Working on these 3 areas of my life in this way;

MIND- the way I was thinking about what I had to get done, STLYE- the way I dressed to make me feel more motivated and SURROUNDINGS- changing my location from bedroom to office to create more focus in my mind, all helped me to embody exactly what I needed to get myself out of my morning sluggish funk.

My presentation is now done. A good chunk of my tasks are also complete (including this blog post and the free gift that I have for you below)!

I took personal ownership of my funk and trusted myself to show up as my future self not as my present self in that moment and I literally got myself UNSTUCK!

This stuff works! And the more you can incorporate this strategy into your daily life, the less STUCK moments you will have.

I explain this a lot more in my IG live that I did earlier today and I encourage you to head over there to watch it. Click here to access it.

What I have shared above are some of the things that I will be teaching in my upcoming 5 day Life Coaching course called THE ART OF INTENTIONAL LIVING. I am putting together everything I know about Intentional Living so that you can have easy take away steps to start changing your life with deliberate action. You will not want to miss this! Look out for full details of this course next week when the waitlist to register will open up.

In the meantime, I have created a digital INTENTIONAL LIVING MORNING JOURNAL that you can use throughout this week (and beyond) to practice these 3 strategies I have just shared with you.

If you would like a copy of this free journal, just click the link below.

Banke Sotomi is a certified Life & Executive Leadership coach that is passionate about leadership and personal growth. She has spent over 10 years helping individuals identify their super powers (aka strengths), grow in self-confidence, esteem and self-worth, while helping them to also overcome their limiting beliefs so that they can achieve more and make an impact in the world.

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