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Updated: Nov 28, 2020


To cut straight to the chase, embodied feminine leadership is all about stepping into the fullness of your power as a woman. In the era that we are in, there has never been a more profound time as now to shine the brightness of our light authentically as women.

For so long, women across all types of cultures, backgrounds, races and religions have been conditioned to not shine bright. Every time a girl is told “don’t shout”, “sit properly”, “learn how to cook and clean” etc, something in her light grows dim. This is not because these instructions in and of themselves are bad, but rather because she begins to learn that it is not safe or accepted to be her raw, wild and authentic self.

The seeds of conformity get sown in the depths of her psyche and from then on, she learns to live life half bright (or in many cases not turned on at all) in order for acceptance and love to shine into her.

Embodied feminine leadership, completely scratches that record, uproots that seed and instead plants a new species of freedom that gives women permission to dance to the song and the beat of their own hearts without apology.

To be embodied means to “be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling)”. This means deciding how you want your life as woman to look like and leading from that perspective.


It means that feminine leadership starts first from leading yourself, in order for you to find your rightful place in the world and serve with purpose that ultimately rewards you with pleasure and fulfilment.

As a life coach, many women come to me feeling stuck and unsure of who they are and what they want. At the very core of this problem is the fact that they are not taking the reins of their lives into their hands. They are stuck waiting for validation, circumstance and acceptance before they can live their dream lives and as a result decades flash by with very little progress evident in their lives.

My vision as a coach who herself embodies feminine leadership, is to lead a movement of women in Africa, the diaspora and the world who fully own their power, graces and authenticity to show up as they desire in the world.

To be an embodied feminine leader you must first recognise and own the fact that you are 100% responsible for your life. This means that you do not wait for permission to be happy. You do not play the victim of life and you understand that life is responding to you and NOT happening to you.


Embodied feminine leadership requires you to know who you are- which is a specimen of divinity that is housed in a glorious temple. It means that you honour, love and accept yourself, seeing those perceived flaws about yourself as the true hallmarks of your beauty. It means always speaking to yourself and thinking of yourself in the highest regard.


Embodied feminine leadership means being unafraid of your desires and knowing that if your heart pulses with passion, excitement and thrill at an idea, wish, dream or goal, it means that you have everything it takes to bring it into your reality, if you choose to. I often tell my clients that life is lived twice. The first time it is lived in our minds and the second time it is lived in our reality. This means therefore that whatever is the dominant focus is your mind will eventually show up as your physical reality.


Perhaps most important of all, embodied feminine leadership is about tapping into the sacredness and wisdom that is encoded in your body. Our bodies are a living mystery school. Our blood, bones, cells and every fibre of our physical being contains ancient wisdom. When we can see our bodies beyond a physical shell, we can use the messages we receive through it as a treasure map to our authentic self. Every time the body feels something, whether it’s an ache or a flutter, it is speaking something to us. As women the more we tap into our intuition, listening to ourselves more, we will find answers to the deep and sometimes longstanding questions that we keep asking about life.

It is time to step into your fullness now. You are in this time and space for a reason and that reason is to become the full expression of purpose and passion. Taking daily action and personal responsibility for this cause IS what embodied feminine leadership is all about.

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