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The R.E.G.A.L  Codes

Unlock your Magnetic Magnificence and MANIFEST like the Queen you are!

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Complimentary Masterclass

Saturday 29th April 2023

Exclusively on zoom
10am (GMT)

Hosted by:
Embodied Feminine Leadership Coach, Banke Sotomi

Queen, you deserve to take back control of your life and THRIVE INTO YOUR MOST MAGNIFECENT AND MAGNETIC SELF!

As a female leader in your life, home and career/business, IT IS TIME TO STOP coming home every night drained, exhausted and cranky trying to pursue your purpose!


You are READY for your God-given purpose to make impact in your life and in the world around you, without burnout and overwhelm. 


I have learnt the codes of being a MAGNETIC woman who does not chase after dreams but rather manifests them with EASE & GRACE, and that is what you will learn in The REGAL Codes masterclass.

After this masterclass, you WILL start operating from the domain of your feminine grace and power, evolving into an AFFLUENT woman winning at Life, Love and Luxe.

You will learn the 5 codes that will transform you into a Radiant, Elegant, Generous & Aligned Leader in ALL areas of your life.

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Code 1:

The Code of Self-Nurturing

That little girl within you... the one who runs wild and free in her yellow summer dress, with the most charming giggle and playful zest for life and wide eyes for adventurous wonders. 

Remember her?...

She has a message for you...

 She yearns to break you free from your limitations, and she cries out loud for your attention, in the form of broken relationships, self doubt and low self worth.  She stomps with symptoms of imposter syndrome and she rattles the cage behind the bars of playing small in life and she does all this because she wants you to stop holding yourself back and to finally heal deep inside.

In this code you will learn how to unravel the scarred beliefs picked up in your childhood experiences and unlock your inner girl child, nurturing her into a new understanding of love, worth and safety.  You will learn that SELF-NURTURING runs deeper than self care and overflows with abundant self love.

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Code 2:

The Code of Feminine Ease

We've all seen her... the woman who just seems to gracefully flow through life and has an air of effortlessness and sophistication to her.  She is like a Dior perfume fragrance personified, dripping with luxury, elegance and class.  She does not chase after life but rather attracts magical splendour into her life, never succumbing to burnout or overwhelm.

Guess what?...

That woman is you too.  You are a woman of sensuality, tapped into the beauty of emotional mastery and balance.

In this code you will learn how to awaken and  unlock your feminine power so that you can leverage your natural strengths to achieve success and influence in your life, love and wealth.

Image by Aleisha Kalina

Code 3:

The Code of Empowered Giving

Life is like champagne... when poured out, it flows with sparkly abundance and joy.

This is what giving of yourself, your time, energy and love should look like.  Where you give at your work, with your family, friends and community from place of overflow and not from the reserves of an empty cup. 

What would it feel like to not be a people pleaser and to not be afraid to say 'NO' because you’re tired, or because you have enough on your plate, or simply because you don't want to! Would that feel like freedom to you?

In this code you will learn to be a woman grounded in her 'NO' and considered in her 'YES'; comfortably, lovingly and unapologetically setting boundaries so that you can lighten your burden and be free to rest, free to relax, free to restore and free to rejuvenate; creating the mental space you NEED to think, dream and create YOUR desires.

Image by Tânia Mousinho

Code 4:

The Code of Aligned Confidence

Rihanna, when she was asked about being confident, once said; "Pretend. I mean, it's either that or cry myself to sleep. Who wants to do that? You wake up with puffy eyes the next day, it's a waste of tears."


What if you don't have to pretend about being confident, but rather be so aligned and sure in your God-given purpose that you show up everyday with the certainty of self-belief?

In this code you will learn how to cultivate a new relationship with confidence, one that does not require you to put on a façade or pretend to be something or someone you are not.  You will unlock your visions and dreams for the future and express them in the way that is consistent with who you truly are.  You will never have to feel like an IMPOSTER ever again.

Code 5:

The Code of Embodied Presence

Imagine... you're walking into that board room or to that all important business deal, or perhaps to your next promotion appraisal OR even to the love of your life...

And you FULLY own YOUR POWER.  You speak eloquently and impactfully.  You captivate, communicate and effectively connect, positioning yourself for your desired outcome- the critical board approval, the signing of the lucrative deal, the coveted promotion, a deeper meaningful relationship...


This is the POWER OF EMBODIED PRESENCE, where you fully embody and express your AUTHENTIC self and create transformative impact and outcomes.

In this code you will learn the ways to develop and cultivate a deeper sense of self awareness and self ownership, so that you never again have to play small, deny yourself of worthy opportunities or feel afraid to standout and show out.

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I'm Banke Sotomi, and I have spent over 7 years helping women to break free from their limits and to soar to untold heights.

As a woman who herself has experienced single parenthood, widowhood, depression, stress and burnout searching for my purpose and the meaning of life, I know exactly how it feels to want so much more than your current circumstances.  To want to give up that 9-5 so you can thrive in your business and to turn your business into a flourishing income stream of abundance.  I also know what it is like to want real lasting love but closed off to intimacy and joy.

I know.

And the good news is... I have learnt how to turn that all around and THRIVE with MAGNETIC MAGIC, because my life feels exactly like that now.

I am excited to share all these learnings with you at the masterclass and I can't to wait see you there!

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