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The Unstuck Mentor

From walking the lonely and sometimes painful journey of self-discovery herself, Banke has triumphed from a place of being stuck in life to becoming the Transformative Life Coach that is on fire with purpose to help other women become unstuck and make triumphant changes in their lives.

Through her best-selling online group coaching program, 1:1 coaching, Live annual workshops- (Soulcialize), thriving Facebook community and weekly live training classes, Banke is on a mission to improve the lives of women around the world, by teaching on the power of the mind and the impact the mind has on the ability to be happy and to be successful in life. 


Leveraging Obstacles

Moving Forward

Having battled with depression balancing an intense legal career as a single mother in her 20s, and having suffered tragic loss in her life, Banke has channelled her life lessons to work with a number of clients who have been guided through her coaching programs to discover their core limiting beliefs and to successfully shift those beliefs, with proven tools and strategies that have left her clients empowered to change the direction of their lives through better decision making and goal setting skills.               

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Visionary Leader

Making waves

Banke has made significant waves in the Self-Growth industry in Africa as the founder and convenor of the fastest growing personal development workshop series in Africa called SOULCIALIZE- The Unstuck Code, which are practical workshopsfocused on providing tools and strategies to empower African women


Banke is also the founder and CEO of Africa's first self-growth subscription box service called THE GLOWGETTER BOX which provides curated life coaching and transformative resources in an easily accessible and affordable way for the modern African woman on her journey of self-discovery.  The GlowGetter Box has received unprecedented attention in 7 African countries with a steady increase in subscribers.

She has been invited onto various stages and platforms to speak and share her expertise as a leading coach in Africa.  Her talks often move her audience to think deeper about their lives and draw out the hidden answers to their longstanding life’s issues.

She is regularly featured on TV and Radio as a guest expert and was recently featured in The Business Daily Newspaper and The Guardian for her work in the coaching industry.

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