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My Self-Discovery Journey

Helping You Move Forward.


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Here's One Thing I've Learnt On My Journey...

Success is always for the taking. We just have to grab it with both hands.

The truth is, you can't have SUCCESS if you don't try something NEW! Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary... Just DO IT AFRAID!

My self-development journey started with a burning desire to know and understand myself better. I was tired of being stuck in life, but I didn’t know how to get out of that cycle. 

I grew up for the most part of my life with my father (I’m a daddy’s girl all the way!) I have very limited memories of my parents being together. 

It also meant that I always felt that a significant part of me was missing. I had to always constantly try to figure out stuff by myself. 

I found myself living in a constant cycle of uncertainty, confusion, lacking in self-esteem and confidence (which being bullied in school didn’t help).

This cycle would eventually translate itself into my young adult life, starting out as a teenage mum, falling into overwhelming brokenness and having failed toxic relationships.

By this stage it was clear to me that my life was like a loop. The exact same place in my life year in year out for many years. I was the queen of #STUCK!

I reached rock bottom.

And I had to climb out.

My self-Discovery journey began...

With much tears, healing, set backs and more tears, I slowly began to figure out how to get unstuck in my life.

The path to discovery 

The loneliness of my journey, led me to look for answers in books. 

I have read so many books!

Being a writer, I naturally love books.  To me, they are an opportunity to escape from my world even if, it’s only for a temporary moment.

Reading self-growth books was really how I started answering the questions that burnt within me, and they started giving me so much insight.  I became an enlightened woman, equipped with strategies and tools to start handling my life better.  I still read a lot of books.  I reckon I read at least two personal development books a month among other genres of literature. 

I know not everyone is a keen reader or sometimes the schedule does not permit the luxury of time, however I found that committing to a group of like-minded people really helped me during times that I struggled.

For this reason, I have created a monthly newsletter to help my clients and followers fall in love with transformative value of self-discovery.  I regularly share wisdom nuggets from the latest books I read and some of the books that have had the greatest impact on my life so far, and literally changed my life forever.

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