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The Planner that reminds you of your greatness within.

Created for the busy woman who is on the go and focused on her goals.

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It will inspire, empower and motivate you AND it's packed with not only transformative value, but also with beautiful feminine tones, inspiring quotes and life coaching resources.

It's easy to start the year with excitement,

and gusto to achieve all your goals and dreams...

But when life begins to happen and other challenges start to creep in, it can be easy to forget your greatness and give up on those goals!


The Modern Woman planner reminds you that you are courageous, fiery and bold.  It is designed to make you remember who you really are and to make you feel inspired to dream big and take daily action towards your dreams. 

What people are saying...


Be Intentional


Yet Elegantly beautiful goals with daily action steps

The 12-Month Planner

This is a12-month planner with carefully designed and curated pages that keeps you focused on big goals, motivates you to be awesome and to achieve the most phenomenal things ever in your life.

The Igniting The Modern Woman planner was created to make you feel great about being a woman living in the modern 21st century and feel unstoppable while providing you with a system of self-accountability to keep you on track everyday with your goals.

It features regular life check-ins, personal growth plans and so much more to help you move from being stuck and unclear in your life to knowing and living fully in your purpose to become the best version of yourself.

What's inside?


Features of The Modern Woman Planner

  • Motivational quotes from some of the world's most inspiring people.

  • Start of the year Life Review

  • Visualisation exercises to create and plan your dreams.  Exercise on knowing your values, creating a legacy and setting big wild audacious goals for your life.

  • Goal setting and planning pages.

  • Success routine planner to help you establish good success habits.

  • Year overview plan

  • Weekly planner for day to day goals, top priorities and to-do lists.

  • Daily tracking of your progress.

  • End of week review to record your wins and practice gratitude.

  • Monthly and quarterly planning pages.

  • End on month review and check-ins.

  • Quarterly personal growth plan

  • Quarterly reviews of your goal progress and key areas of your life.

  • Year-end review.

  • Dot-grid pages to mind map, sketch, create and dream.

  • Beautiful and professional looking design. 

Detailed look inside the planner

Bonus resources included

The Modern Woman planner

Includes a 45 mins goal setting masterclass on how to set SMART goals

Masterclasses on how to succeed and sustain momentum with your goals.


An exclusive quarterly online accountability group for check-ins and support.


$20 only


Few copies left!

(International Shipping available)

Live your life intentionally and translate your dreams into reality.

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