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UNCOVERING THE MYTH: Why Traditional Productivity Methods Don't Always Work.

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Have you ever wondered to yourself why your goals and dreams aren’t working?

I had these same thoughts recently over an issue I was struggling to resolve in my business last week, that actually brought me to tears if I can be real with you.

I had so many goals that felt like I was hitting a brick wall trying to accomplish them. I was so frustrated.

I felt blocked and STUCK. (Lol! Isn't that funny- me, The Unstuck Mentor, Life Coach and all, felt stuck! lol) That's actually hilarious to me each time I think about it!

But here's the deal...

It’s not that you don’t want great things to happen in your life.

It’s not that you don’t deserve them either.

And it’s definitely not that God doesn’t want to give you those things you desire.

Most of the time, the blocks and feelings of being stuck come from the fact that we are not choosing to flow in our lives.

As I closed the lid of my laptop last week, with the decision that I was going halt everything for the rest of that week, I decided that I was going to lean in and figure out what the problem real was. As I spent those few days off, I began listening to myself- my inner spirit. I realised that I was feeling emotionally blocked in my life in general and it was showing up and affecting my business as a way of getting my attention to resolve what my REAL ISSUES were- my emotionally unresolved issues.

Strange right?

My lack of business progress last week, was all down to the fact that I was not allowing myself to process my emotions about certain personal things and as a result self-sabotaging my efforts to progress forward!


Oftentimes what we think is the problem in our lives IS NOT ACTUALLY THE PROBLEM. Most of the time the problem is in the fact that WE ARE NOT TUNED INTO OURSELVES. We are not connected to our minds, we are not connected to our bodies and we literally keep banging our heads on a brick wall looking for answers outside of ourselves, when everything we need to know is loud and clear within.

I knew that the persistency in my blocks last week, was a sign of me being out of alignment and I needed to address it. I used the movement of my body, journaling and quiet reflection time to truly uncover my problem. And guess what?

When I spent time tuning into myself, the penny dropped. I located and understood THE EXACT EMOTIONAL BLOCK that was causing all this havoc and I was able to release it. As my new week started, EVERY issue I had with my business resolved itself EASILY and I am now back on track with the plans I had.

So what's the essence of what I just shared with you today?

In my journey of self-discovery, recovering from heartbreak, disappointment and grief, I have realised a PHENOMENAL POWER within me- My Divine Feminine Energy.

You see most of us women are not utilising the gift that God gave to us through our femininity. There is a HUGE misconception about femininity being weak, passive and all about beauty, and this has forced so many of us to adopt a masculine energy and approach to our lives, which is the linear way of thinking, and having to understand everything and to be in control. This has actually resulted in us feeling OVERWHELMED, BURNT OUT AND STUCK because that is not our divine wiring. We need to discover how to tap into our feminine energy and embrace the divine essence of who we really are. Feminine Leadership is the new and life-changing skill-set that empowers you to make your dreams happen without burning out! WE NEED TO KNOW AND LEARN THIS!

I created an online masterclass on this topic called FEMININE ENERGY & GOAL EXECUTION. I want to invite you to access to this class so that I can go much deeper about this with you. It is an unusual masterclass that combines how learning, understanding and tapping into our innate Feminine Power can take us so much further in our lives than constantly struggling and going against the grain with our desires. 

To find out more about this class click here.

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